Collection: The Remaster Series:

Originally Recorded in 2003 - on a Korg D1600 16-Track machine in a bedroom. Mastered with Wavelab and Windows Me.

ReMastered in 2024 with Reaper. (This is The Remaster)

History: This was Nick's first solo record, and the very first record I (Mike) ever made entirely myself, start to finish. I engineered, recorded, played, produced, mixed, and mastered all of it! We (Nick & I) had most of the outboard gear to do it, but needed a multi-track digital recorder. So we bought a Korg D1600, Focusrite Green Preamp, Audio Technica 4033 mic, and learned how to use them. We made this record in the spare bedroom of our house at Lake Powell in 2003. Ultimately, I made a total of 11 records on that exact Korg machine, and even hooked 2 together once for 32 channels on the Sweet Nasty - Life On Fire record.
Unfortunately, neither of those Korg machines work anymore and I can't "remix" anything. So I decided to make this Remaster from the original mastered .wav files. These are mostly gentle changes, but some aggressive ones as well. It sounds better than the original cd version, and has what I hope is a more "up front" modern sound. Stream each song, or Download the entire record below.
Enjoy! ~ Mike

Nick Miranda - Desert Rock
Nick Miranda - Desert Rock
Remastered by Mike Kreidel
(*from cd wav files)

01. Can't Be Wrong

02. Hardest Night

03. Shade Of Blue

04. Finally Goin Home

05. Keep Me Around

06. Part Of My Life

07. See You Again

08. Best Love

09. The Light

10. Afternoon Interlude

11. Freak Jam


[516 MB Zip File w/ Hi-Res 24bit Encoded FLACs + Artwork]

Studio 79 - 2003

Studio 79 - Mike Kreidel -2003